My First Month Working at Client Care

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Posted On 2021-04-08 Author: Tshepiso Radebe

Today marks a full month since I first set my foot here at Client Care. Everything was overwhelming, and I was just emotional. I could not believe that something as good as this can happen to someone like me. This is because of where I come from, of course. Growing up in difficult conditions you start to accept and believe that this is all you’re going to get out of life.
Dirk gave me an opportunity that I did not even think that someone like me could ever receive. He believed in me even when I started doubting myself.

When I first came in here, I did not know what to expect exactly, I have heard a lot from people about how hard the workplace is, and they had their own definitions of Financial Planning. This added so much confusion and fear. Many people described financial planning as selling of policies and chasing a target. 

I found out at Client Care that there is so much more than making money, selling policies, and chasing a target. Dirk Groeneveld and Alex Blumberg whom I work closely with, taught me that Financial Planning is supposed to be helping those who cannot help themselves, they taught me what Lifestyle financial planning is, how it impacts people’s lives for the better.
It is important to know your clients, know who they are, what they aspire to, what their financial goals are. Help them get through their most difficult times and set a path where they could be at peace. Dirk told me if I am going to do financial planning, I will have to do it the right way—these are people’s lives that we are dealing with.

I owe my development to Alex Blumberg who became my mentor, I learned a lot from him as he took me under his wing. Alex built a bridge for me to make a transition from what I was taught during my academic years to what is happening in the real world. Without a doubt being here has helped me grow both professionally and personally even though there is still a long way to go, and the learning and the desire to improve has not stopped. I could have never chosen a better working environment. Working here as made me love financial planning even more, I am deeply honoured and humbled by this opportunity .

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