What We Can & Can't Do as Lifestyle Financial Planners

Posted On 2020-04-02 Author: Alex Blumberg

We are a qualified, client-centered lifestyle financial planners committed to creating sustainable plans which are personally tailored. We enable our clients to live their dream lifestyle through careful planning and coaching.

What We Can Do:

1. Help you clarify and achieve your hopes and dreams
2. Provide an easily understandable financial plan
3. Coach and educate you to make the right financial decisions
4. Be there when you need us
5. Manage all your financial needs under one roof
6. Give clarity on how to build wealth
7. Be there during major (or minor) life decisions
8. Manage your money the same way we do ours

What We Can’t Do:

1. Predict what will happen in the markets
2. Make your plan work without your commitment
3. Promise high returns with low short-term volatility
4. Allow you to do things we wouldn’t do ourselves
5. Manage investments without a comprehensive financial plan
6. Time the market or pick the hottest investment

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