Client Care | What To Expect From Our Client Onboarding Process

Posted On 2019-03-05 Author: Dirk

Lifestyle Financial Planning and Our Onboarding Process

Client Care follows the philosophy of Lifestyle Financial Planning. This involves getting to know our clients well, understanding how they got to where they are now and their future goals and aspirations in order to tailor a Lifestyle Financial Plan that is unique to the way they want to live their lives. Client Care offers a unique client experience from when a client first walks through our doors.

We initially have a friendly informal coffee chat with a potential client. Here, we get a brief background of the client and what they are looking for from a financial planner. We explain how our process works and at the end of this meeting, the potential client will either agree to go through Client Care’s Lifestyle Financial Planning process or not.

What To Expect from Your Lifestyle Financial Planning Journey with Client Care

The first meeting of the Client Care process is the Initial Engagement Meeting. This meeting is about finding out broadly where the client is from, their background and why the client is seeking help. Client Care will share what our values are, our Why, What, and How. We explain the concept of Lifestyle Financial Planning and have a transparent discussion on fees and costs to investing and working with us. At the end of this meeting we would agree on whether to move forward or not.

The second meeting of the Client Care Process is the Goal Setting Meeting. Here, Client Care will quickly recap what the outcomes were of the first meeting followed by reiterating the values and approach to Lifestyle Financial Planning. The main purpose of the Goal Setting Meeting is to find out what the client’s goals, dreams and aspirations out of life are. What does the client want to achieve in certain stages of their lives and why? Client Care explores in more detail the client's background and how they got to the point they are now in life. We learn about the client's spending habits and why they spend money on the things that they do. Specific goals relating to the client’s family, home, retirement, work, cars, travel, education, recreational activities and others are laid out and discussed.

Your Tailored Lifestyle Financial Plan from Client Care

The next meeting in the Client Care Process is all about developing your personal Lifestyle Financial Plan. After gathering all the data and info from the client (budgets, incomes, expenses, assets, liabilities etc.) we develop various scenarios for our clients. In this meeting, we work through what trade-offs would need to be made for our client to live their dream lifestyle. This can include things such as saving more, spending less, or targeting a higher investment return, among other things. By the end of this meeting we would reach consensus on how our client would like to move forward with their plan.

Client Care will implement any of the changes that need to be made in order to align our client's plan and finances with what we have agreed. This includes all the admin work and behind-the-scenes actions. We also agree on how often we will meet over the next 12 months and other aspects such as reporting and regular contact.

Client Care's Unique Approach Leaves You In Safe Hands

By allowing clients the time to go through this process, Client Care is assured that our client is knowledgeable and has more certainty around their finances. This process further allows Client Care to understand each client and their unique life and to provide a service that they are proud of and are able to make a difference in people’s lives.

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