Investment advice, planning and reviewing

We tailor-make a unique lifestyle financial plan to suit your needs. This plan includes your goals, dreams and aspirations. We help guide you towards fulfilling your goals and dreams, and achieving financial wellness. Reviews are vitally important as they help us understand what is happening in your life, how the plan has changed and how we can most appropriately respond to these changes.

Retirement planning

We guide you through this often complicated transition in your life and advise you on how best to structure your retirement capital. Retirement is not what it used to be – more and more people look forward to this stage of their lives. Let us help you retire comfortably and give you peace of mind that your money will outlast you!

Risk management

Risk management is an important aspect of any financial plan. Even the best financial plan can be derailed by an unexpected, traumatic event. We can analyse your existing cover, make recommendations and help implement the cover. Typical products used to cover risk are life cover, capital disability, income protector and dread disease cover.

Tax planning

While not everything should revolve around tax, it is a seriously important component of a plan to consider. Negative tax effects from poor planning and not utilizing structures available to you could lead to a large portion of your wealth being destroyed. Let us help you invest in tax-efficient ways, while always looking at the overall lifestyle financial plan to guide us.

Personal financial management

This is the most fundamental aspect of a plan. It also happens to be the most overlooked and badly managed aspect. Let us help you draw up a realistic budget, stick to that budget and manage your money wisely.

Debt management

It sometimes happens that we find ourselves drowning in debt. One of our fundamental principles is the settlement of debt. Once debt-free, life becomes far simpler and much more enjoyable. We will analyse your situation and decide how to best manage and decrease your debt.

Estate planning

While in-depth estate planning is not required for each and every client, there are clients with large estates that need appropriate advice regarding their estates. We are able to analyse a client’s situation and, if need be, to call in an expert estate planner to give appropriate recommendations.

Drafting of wills

We partner with some of the best attorney’s firms in the city to deliver you a professionally drafted will. Our contacts do not charge for the drafting of the will or the safe storage thereof.

Formation and administration of trusts

Although we will not draft trust deeds ourselves, we partner with specialist trust experts to ensure our clients receive the best care. In the event that an independent trustee is required for a trust, we can arrange for such a person to be appointed. Trust audits are also possible, in order to ensure that the trust deed is correctly drafted and that the trustees are complying with their duties.

Business assurance

This type of assurance is often neglected by clients. As a business interest is generally a large portion of a client’s estate, it must be protected. This can be done via a buy-and-sell agreement. Other forms of business assurance to give directors/members peace of mind are key-man assurance policies, and contingent liability policies.

Healthcare consulting

We are registered with the Council for Medical Schemes and can give you advice on medical aid options. This is a crucial part of a financial plan, as private healthcare is extremely expensive and, if appropriate cover is not in place, this could lead to debt or large co-payments.

Employee benefits consulting

Employers who require a satisfied, well cared for workforce would be well advised to consider offering employee benefits. This can range from medical aid schemes offered to employees, to pension/provident funds as well as risk cover.

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